Three unique reception ideas to entertain your guests

Your ceremony was a hit and your reception is promising, but what are guests to do with all the in between time from the two events? While you’re busy taking pictures, guests will be waiting at the venue and cocktail drinks can only go so far. Lucky for you, we did a little bit of research to help you out. Here are a few ideas to spark your creative imagination:

1. Live Singers/Dancers- An a cappella group or singing waiters during cocktail hour will turn on the charm. There has been a dramatic increase in the usage of live entertainment such as stringed quartets. Hire a group of dancers; choose from belly dancers to Irish jig or salsa dancers who’ll perform before you arrive. Bring in some different music for an hour or so, perhaps a steel drum band, a barbershop quartet, or a mariachi band.

2. Magician- We’re not talking stuffed animals out of a hat here. Card tricks and illusions will create an outstanding atmosphere. Wedding magicians know that the long wait between ceremony and reception can be excruciatingly awkward, so they are there to ease the pain in a fun, yet still adult, process. Bringing people together and creating a light atmosphere…that’s the definition of a reception and a good magician will achieve that. Omaha-based magician Ryan Thomas has frequently performed here in Nebraska as well as Oregon and Southern California. He provides light hearted entertainment to wedding receptions, as well as other functions, in the form of close-up card magic.

3. Watercolor Artist- There are actually wedding watercolor artists who will draw in pastels, or paint in watercolors, the reception as it unfolds. This can be a great gift for the bride and groom, but it’s also some quiet entertainment for guests and especially good for weddings set in great scenery, creating a collage of events like guests dancing outdoors on the sand and the best man’s toast by the water at a beach side bash.

As your guests get comfortable for the evening, any of these functions will be an entertaining way to help keep order. Everyone will be talking about your wedding for a long time and you will have done something different and memorable. Choose wisely, have a great time and congratulations!

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