The Way of the Wedding: Video in 2013

Holy smokes, it’s here. Summer of 2013 is happening, and no doubt if you’re getting married this year you’re already quite aware of this. Here at Wedding Memories of Omaha it may look like we’ve been hibernating over the winter, but the truth is we’ve been busy meeting so many of you, our young and beautiful couples, and planning for your magic moment in the spotlight.

Not only that, but 2013 is off to a great start! Amy and Nick decided to have their wedding in the winter, and it was cute enough that it might make some of you summer-dwellers jealous:

Amy & Nick Wedding Highlights from Wedding Memories on Vimeo.
This has been a year of growth, hope, and excitement for us as we enter our 4th year as a company. And as our team gets ready to test their wings and flex their muscles in 2013, possibly the hardest part for me has been the looming fact that we can’t do everyone’s wedding this year. Some of you, we have sadly had to turn away due to a full schedule. That really pains me, but I’m trying to make the best of it.

But I think there’s an important take-away here. More and more couples are looking for a wedding videographer this year. That doesn’t surprise me. It’s a no-brainer. Maybe one of your friends had us at her wedding and loved her video, or maybe you were perusing wedding fashion online and saw a beautifully filmed video that moved you to tears. Either way, if you’ll forgive the pun, wedding video is taking the cake in 2013.

Why should I ask you to my wedding?
Well, first of all, we’re just so darned pleasant to be around. That’s not a joke. But the fact is that video has changed so much in the last 5 years. It’s not just an hour of your dad’s handycam footage of Aunt Maggie eating chicken cordon bleu. (Do you really want your dad’s handycam to be the only live-action memory of your day?) We think you want more for your memories than just strung-together video, photos and a few instagrams. Photography is so important, but I have a lot of couples tell me that video captured another side of things.

Why get a wedding video? Because you’ll love it, and because you can. Isn’t that a reason enough? It’s amazing how far things have come. Not only can we make “a video,” but it will even be cinematic, awe-inspiring, beautiful, and capture the emotion of the moment.

Your wedding is a day in time that you’ve planned for over eight, twelve, or even twenty-four months. It’s not just about the ceremony, or the cake, it’s about everything leading up to it, a morning of preparation, and all the thoughtful decorations, kind words, and blessings you share. The day itself is often a blur, surrounded by not just close friends, but too many to even count. You have to get more dressed up than you’ve been since you were the ringbearer or flower girl at your aunt’s wedding 20 years ago. Let’s set some reasonable expectations here: you may not remember very much of the day if it wasn’t for the pictures.

And then there’s video. It’s not just a moment frozen in time. It’s an expression which you made and that faded again quickly. But we saw it. It’s a look you shared. It’s flowers blowing in the wind. It’s your little niece smiling and then blushing awkwardly. It’s your parents kissing you on the forehead and telling you how much they love you. And you might even get to hear them. It’s the look on your face when you meet your soon-to-be spouse in a private garden, or see them for the first time stepping out toward the altar. Those are the moments you want to last forever.

Oh yes, and videos are fun
How many hours per week do you spend on social media? Five? Ten? Twelve? (Yes, honey, I’m on Pinterest planning our wedding”) What do you do when you want to share a thought or idea with someone, or something important you’ve been thinking about? If you’re anything like me (God help you if you are), you Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, pin, instapin, Vine, Tumblr, or something it.

You can not only treasure your wedding on DVD for years to come, but now you can share it with everyone you’re close to with a click of a button. In a way, it’s a gift to yourself and to your family and friends. Who knows? They may see themselves at your wedding and remember wow, that day was so much fun.

The New Standard
The point is, video is becoming a new standard in weddings. Here’s a couple great ideas for your wedding video in 2013 that will really blow your friends away:

Highlights Video
All our packages are based around the idea of a highlights video. Basically, this is a 3-5 minute video that ties together all the details and special moments of your day. It’s not a summary. It’s like an elaborate bouquet of beautiful video clips that compliment each other nicely and tell your story. (What I’m saying is, please accept our video flowers) We set it to music for you and incorporate audio narration, including your vows. We don’t think you’ll sit down and watch your ceremony every week, but you certainly won’t get tired of watching your wedding highlights!

Love Story
Love stories are a chance for you to tell everyone, well… your story. How did you meet? What was the situation? What made that funny or cute? What happened next? How did you fall in love? Not everyone knows the story of you. This goes great at your reception to fill in the gaps for family and friends that didn’t get to know both of you before you met.  It’s funny, touching, and sweet, and it doesn’t have to be long to be powerful. Your guests will laugh and cry with you as you think about all you’ve been through together.

Also, Love Stories give us an opportunity to get to know you a little bit better, and we really appreciate that. This takes a little planning, so make sure to get your requests in early.

Same-day Edit
Not everyone knows you can do this, yet, but the secret is getting out. Same-day edits are a highlights video of your day that we play at your reception. I know! Crazy! There is still magic left in the world. It’s especially rewarding to include everyone at your reception in the moments when you were getting ready that morning, or when you first saw each other on your wedding day in that secret garden alone and fell in love all over again, or to relive your vows. (As I like to say, “reminisce instantly”) And guests get to see themselves sometimes, which makes them feel extra special! This also requires an extra person to help, so don’t wait till the last minute to decide.

Wedding Shortfilm
Have you seen our Flawless Package? If not, you may want to take a closer look. A video crew makes a 15-20 minute shortfilm of your day. we bring out three videographers and give it our absolute best with high-quality audio, 3-4 cameras, and high tech steadicam equipment.  This is our flagship for 2013, and we’re so excited to create a truly cinematic experience for you. You’ll want to reserve this at least six months in advance.

Did you fill out our contact form yet?
We’re not completely booked for the summer, but weekends are getting fewer and farther between. Contact us now to find out if your date is available! If you’re looking for a fall film (see what I did there?), some spots are still open as well.

I’m so excited to see what we’re going to accomplish in 2013. Thank you all for being a part of this very special journey with us and for inviting us to be a part of your journey.

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