Tips (for Couples) to Creating a Beautiful Wedding Film

So, you decided you want a wedding film.. Woo hoo! As always, a skilled (and pleasant) videographer is one of the most important ways to make your wedding film a success and capture memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

But there are some simple things you can do in the planning process which add tremendously to the experience of your wedding film! Take a look at some of the following ways to make your wedding film the envy of your friends, family, and strangers alike!

1. Get ready somewhere beautiful

The time when you’re getting ready in the morning sets the tone for your entire day, and the setting is important. Where will it be? Will it be in your basement or in a hotel room? Try to find someplace appealing, with lots of natural light, space to move around, and décor that has character. Your video will have a more exciting feel, and you’ll feel better, too!

2. Live in the light

Did I mention light a little bit ago? Light is by far the most important component of video and photography. Everything we do is capturing light! Our cameras do well in low-light, but extremely dark rooms tend to result in unfavorable exposures. Natural light is especially appealing. We may bring a light to your reception and use it at our discretion. Have no fear! It’s for your benefit! As always, having a lighting person to assist you doesn’t hurt.

3. Talk to your venue about videography

Some venues are very open to videographers, and some venues have some pretty restrictive rules that may impact where we can stand or what techniques we can use to get the shot. You may want to consider this when booking! As always we try never to be annoying to anyone with our gear or equipment, and we will respect the venue rules as well as the other vendors we’re working with. We never go up on the altar during the ceremony, but we don’t feel very creative when we’re confined to the balcony either (unless you like that “view-from-the-heavens” kind of thing). It’s always better to know what the rules are beforehand so you know what to expect!

(we hope to one day live in a world where videographers are kindly welcomed into any venue.. that world is not yet today)

4. Take time for details

This one is kind of a no-brainer, but all the little details on your wedding day really do shine through while we tell your story. When you’re planning, think about the stories you want to tell (in your ceremony, toasts and vows—we capture the audio for those), don’t chastise yourself for wanting decorations and floral arrangements that are meaningful and purposeful.  We love seeing your creativity shine through!

5. Portraits, golden hour, timing, and more

One of the most beautiful things we can do with you on your wedding day is spend time with you and your photographer doing portraits. It’s important to leave time for this. While you’re going to want your family photos and so forth to show your kids, the most romantic and stunning moments happen when we have time to set up a sweet shot in a beautiful setting. The best time is usually just before sunset in the “golden hour,” when the lighting is soft and dramatic. Find a photographer who is comfortable with this and fun to work with! We also like to work with the photographer in a cooperative way during these moments, and don’t worry, we play nice!

Last tip: Enjoy.

It may sound kind of basic, but after working with hundreds of couples, we can safely say that the more time you leave yourself to accomplish the things you want to on your day, the more you’ll be able to relax and enjoy it with your friends and family. Careful planning beforehand is essential to this so you don’t find yourself caught off guard at the last minute. Delegate tasks and let other people take care of the details. It’s your day. We’re there with you to help you enjoy it, so you can remember that joy and share it with others.




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Wedding Memories of Omaha Launches Slow-motion Video Booth

Meet Leigh and Ben. They got married on April 26th, 2014. Leigh and Ben’a family wanted them to have something really special for their wedding. We like doing special things for weddings. That’s why we put together a slow-motion video booth.

In case you’re not in the know yet, slow-motion video booths became popular last year when a couple people decided to use a Red camera to shoot their friends and then play it back in slow-motion. We didn’t invent the concept, we just made it our own to open it up to others in the Midwest who might want to remember these amazing moments from their wedding reception.

Leigh & Ben Slow-Motion Video Booth from Wedding Memories on Vimeo.

Part of the magic of the booth is that guests can watch their silly antics played back to them instantly slowed down 4x. In post we can slow it down even further to 8x slower than reality.

Please note: you don’t have to move in slow motion while you’re IN the booth. We record you at normal speed and then the CAMERA slows it down. That’s part of the magic of the booth! It takes a special camera of cinema quality to do this, so don’t think it’s something your uncle can do on his handicam.

To our knowledge, we were the first to do this in Omaha, and we had so much fun in the process that it definitely will not be the last time. Please contact us if you have questions about setting up this premiere service which will absolutely blow your friends and family away!


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You Like Us! Reader Recognition from “The Knot”

Being named Best Of is always a compliment. It makes us feel like we are good enough, smart enough, and doggonit, people like us. But this particular Best Of is thanks to YOU!

The Knot listed Wedding Memories of Omaha as Best of Weddings 2014 Pick, based on the votes of readers in 2013. Wedding Memories of Omaha was the only video company in Omaha recognized for this feat last year. “This is significant because of how hard we work for our clients,” said manager Mike Hennings. “We want our videos to be perfect, so there was a ton of work that went into the final products. Our work shows the strength of our team and the dedication we have for the people we work for.”

As quintessential to wedding planning as frosting to a cupcake, The Knot is the premier digital wedding planning service. From caterers to cakes, this website covers everything you need to plan your day. There are many videographers represented on the website from all over the country. So to stand out amongst the crowd?

That’s quite the compliment.

Though I can’t say I am surprised. Wedding Memories of Omaha prides itself on providing personal, professional, and modern videography. Our videographers are a remarkably talented group of guys, as evidenced by the videos on our website. What makes us stand out amongst the crowd is a true dedication to the art. “We love making videos that people will enjoy for a lifetime,” said Mike.

The recognition from readers of The Knot is a great honor for Wedding Memories of Omaha, thanks in part to our awesome clients. We look forward to a fantastic 2014!

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Lauren & Josh’s Hawaiian Destination Wedding Highlights Video

A Cowgirl and a Country Boy Take Oahu

Lauren & Josh live happily in Iowa, but got married in beautiful Hawaii to be near Lauren’s family. We were privileged to fly to Hawaii for them to help them immortalize their South Pacific wedding day in style. Lauren and Josh were wed 6.15.13 at the Ko’Olau Golf Course with reception following in the ballroom. You’d better believe Lauren brought her cowboy boots.

Lauren & Josh Highlights from Wedding Memories on Vimeo.

When you’re planning something as elaborate as a wedding, sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust. And it’s even harder to find someone on a distant shore who you know is going to work closely with you and be fully committed to making your day a success.

We got to spend time with Lauren & Josh before their wedding, getting to know their personalities (and ours), and learning about what’s really important to them. Work with someone you trust! We’ll travel. Please ask about what it would take to make your cinematic destination wedding video a reality!

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Kate + Dan’s Wedding Short Film

The day has finally arrived! We’re pleased to announce Kate and Dan’s wedding short film is now available to watch on Vimeo.

This rad couple allowed Jacob, Carrie, and myself to spend an entire day with them to create a flawless video that they’ll treasure forever. From the morning getting ready at each of their houses, until the end of the day on the Del Ray Ballroom dance floor, you can see the magic beautifully unfold between them. Don’t watch without a box of tissues nearby. To the couple that chose each other, from the bottom of our hearts: Congratulations KATE + DAN! 

Kate + Dan’s Wedding Short Film from Wedding Memories on Vimeo.

See also: Kate + Dan’s wedding trailer.

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Trains & Fish

Megan & Grant

On the day of 6.22.13 I had the pleasure of filming Megan and Grant Guenther’s wedding events. The ceremony was held St. Margaret Mary’s Catholic Church but the part of the day that really stood out for me was the reception at The Laurtizen Gardens. First, to start the venue is beautiful, very large, and has a lot of areas to hold all the events for your reception. Both the indoor and outdoor spaces have a lot of plant life, because it’s a garden, for guests to take in. There are water features, bamboo trees, a koi pond and many other variety of plants areas that help make this exciting.

What makes Laurtizen Gardens extra special are the areas around the building that led to some of the most interesting footage I filmed that day. As the sun started going down Megan, Grant, myself and the two photographers hopped on a golf cart and drove the the more scenic locations the park has to offer. There is a large locomotive overlooking the interstate, a backwoods fountain / stream, and even a rose garden. All very beautiful for pictures or video. Check out Megan and Grant’s highlight video to see how great Laurtizen Gardens actually was.

Megan and Grant Highlights from Wedding Memories on Vimeo.

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Megan & Craig

Megan & Craig


On June 15th I had the pleasure of shooting Megan and Craig on their special day. They were wonderful to work with and I was able to catch some amazing footage of Megan getting ready which I think makes their highlights video extra special.

I started the day arriving in Lincoln to start filming getting ready footage of Megan getting her hair and makeup done at Sahaira Salon. After that we moved to a preschool across from the church where Megan started putting on her wedding dress to prepare for the ceremony and the first look. We ended up shooting the first look in the gym of the preschool which was being remodeled. At first the area seemed like it wouldn’t work, but I was sure wrong! That location turned out to be very interesting because of the wonderful diffused light coming in the window and the distressed walls. I opened the highlights video with some shots from that moment..

After that we had the ceremony at Blessed Sacrament Church and then moved to the Embassy Suites Hotel for the reception. This was probably the best looking reception I’ve had the privilege of shooting so far this year. The space is huge and was decorated beautifully. I would recommend this space to anyone Lincoln.

Overall the day was really fun and I was able to capture some awesomely unique footage that made for a super interesting video.

Megan and Craig Highlights from Wedding Memories on Vimeo.

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A Wonderful Day

Dessie & Marshall

The day started with me setting up downtown to film getting ready footage for Dessie and Marshall’s wedding. The great thing about Downtown Omaha is that it leads to interesting locations. Dessie and Marshall were very smart in choosing that location because we had access to all the special spots downtown for their “first look” and for pictures.. After we filmed the first look we went to 1316 Jones street to start the ceremony.

They couldn’t of picked a better day to have an outdoor ceremony. The weather was on the cool side and the sun was far enough behind the building that the whole ceremony at 1316 Jones what evenly lit with the shadow of the building. I was able to capture beautiful video throughout the whole ceremony. After the ceremony, the venue can also be used for the reception. Which is convenient because the guest don’t have to drive around an unfamiliar town to find another location. Overall, I would say 1316 Jones and Downtown Omaha are great choices for any wedding event.

Dessie & Marshall Highlights from Wedding Memories on Vimeo.

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Steph & Josh

Located about 130 miles northwest of Omaha is the pleasantly quaint city of Pierce, Nebraska. This is where I found myself on Saturday the 18th of May, gear in hand ready to go. There, at the Zion Lutheran Church, the location of the soon to be Ceremony, I met Steph. Entering the church I followed my ears as the sound of joyful laughter guided me to an interior room where I was greeted by a very cheerful bride-to-be. Surrounded by her loyal and attentive bridesmaids, Steph instructed me that the location of their first look was to take place at a nearby park.

Steph & Josh Highlights from Wedding Memories on Vimeo.

Upon arrival at the park I immediately noticed the tranquil atmosphere with a quiet little gazebo nestled next to a pond. Here is where I met the groom-to-be, Josh, and for the first time, witnessed the happiness that pervades the time they spend together. By 4 pm we were all comfortably seated in the Zion Lutheran Church sanctuary for the Ceremony. Shortly thereafter, Steph and Josh reconvened at the Pierce Fair Grounds and danced late into the night surrounded by good friends and family.
Thank you again Steph and Josh! You two are a lovely couple and a great pleasure to be around!

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Bellevue Berry Happiness

I’d never been to the Bellevue Berry Farm until June 7, 2013. We arrived after a morning of hair, make-up and laughter with the Amber and her bridesmaids and horseplay with Josh and the groomsmen. Immediately upon arriving we got ready for the first look–Amber inside the reception hall and Josh just outside the giant barn doors. From here we romped through the fields with Amber and Josh. The place is beautiful and rustic; wildflowers attempting to reclaim the prairie.

Amber and Josh had come up with a uniquely beautiful and simple decor for the celebration. Antique sofas lined the first row of the ceremony location for family with a entrance bordered by old doors. The reception had a collection of jars and bottles filled with wildflowers. Two typewriters were set up for guest to make their presence forever known. And they had a gloriously awesome cookie buffet (I like cookies) which they dipped in milk in lieu of cutting cake. The entire day was a blast and probably, maybe more like what I pictured for my own wedding day (don’t tell my mother-in-law). If you’re considering an outdoor wedding next year consider the Bellevue Berry Farm.

Amber & Josh from Wedding Memories on Vimeo.

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